Doug Shepardson grew up in the suburbs of Boston and after graduating from the University of Massachusetts he toiled happily for several years as an award-winning advertising copywriter.  He gave up the cold and snow of the New England winters for the warm sunsets of Southern California and a career in aerospace contracts management with Honeywell Aerospace and the Boeing Company.

His inner muse urged him to paint, and even though he had no formal art education, he began to apply colors to canvas.  Creating pictures that are warm and inviting, Doug believes that having no professional art training gives him the freedom to simply create from his heart and personal interests.    

Doug was a member of two noted art groups when he lived in Southern California, the Palos Verdes Artists Open Group and the Torrance Artists Guild.  Doug has since left the noise of L.A. for the clean air, wide-open spaces and tropical climate of Sugar Land, Texas.  He continues to write and paint creatively.  

doug headshot.jpg